5 Reasons Your E-Boutique Isn't Popping!

1. A poorly built website or one that doesn't come across as reputable or inline with the brand you've created on paper. A boutique is defined as specialty store that carries fashionable, trendy, and/or exclusive items. The definition alone sets the bar high for this type of niche selling. Having an e-boutique takes that idea into the realm of e-commerce which should still paint the same picture in order to give your customers the feeling of exclusivity and that they've found a quality store with quality products. Your website is your first impression and it should be a good one.

2. Your product isn't being displayed properly. Visuals are vital to your success in the e-commerce world. Unfortunately, there is so much out there for consumers to see so they can easily be deterred by visuals that are lack luster or of poor quality.

3. No marketing strategy. Understand that with marketing chances are your e-boutique will not have the traffic you are hoping for let alone make the sales you need to have a sustainable sales. Investing in your marketing should be high on your to-do list whether it be facebook/IG ads, affiliate programs, or google ads, you should have some plan as to how you will drive potential buyers to your website.

4. You weren't mentally prepared for how much work running an online store truly is. Many people think that they will start a e-boutique because it seems to be less work that a brick and mortar operation...WRONG! If your e-boutique starts popping (lol) you will quickly change your viewpoint. Running a successful e-boutique entails constantly being in the know about what it is that your target market wants, providing great customer service, packing and shipping orders, staying on top of marketing, and more! Getting help is great, but in order to keep cost down and maintain control over your business you should strive to learn more and more about each area of your business.

Don't underestimate the amount of work involved, because growing an e-boutique takes time, patience, and attention to detail if you are planning on building a brand and not just making a sell here and there.

5. No business plan. Yes it's online, but it's still a business. You may not need a 100 page in depth business plan but you do need a plan to keep you on track and to act as a guide as your e-boutiqe starts to grow.

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