Sineca's Advice: Be At YOUR 100%

I was sitting in the chair, getting my makeup done professionally for the second time in my 29 years of living when I heard the most profound advice I had heard in a while. Before I get to that, let me paint the picture for you.

As a wife, mother of three, full time government employee, and part time entrepreneur, being glamorous is a word I would use to describe my self maybe once or twice out of the year. Staying super busy and damn near attempting to achieve Superwoman status is taxing. Like a lot of other "mom bosses" and Chyc Entrepreneurs we sacrifice so much of ourselves to be everything to everyone else and pursue our goals at the same time that we sometimes forget our full potential in every area of OUR life.

So I was sitting in this chair, while Makeup Artist, Sineca Bulter was literally creating a masterpiece on my skin. I was feeling so pretty and pampered and at the same time I felt a a little shameful that I had really forgotten my full potential. As I was praising Sineca and her work and expressing my feelings, she went to do what so many beauty professionals do: counsel lol. Our stylists, beauticians, and makeup artists are our confident boosters.

She passed on some advice that stuck with me until this very moment and made me think long and hard about who I want to be and how I want to be perceived by my audience. She said, "You need to figure out what it takes to be at your 100% everyday. List the things that you would have to accomplish every day to get there and then try to reach that every day." Myself, being a goal oriented person, her advice made so much sense to me. I did just that and seriously it is not easy, but I'm fighting for my 100% every day. Waking up with a prayer, being productive at work, helping my kids with their homework, working with my clients, and keeping up with my goals in all in a day's time!

Sineca's advice also exemplified what I want the Chyc Circle to be: a group of driven entrepreneurs that are willing to share their stories (the good and the bad) for someone else's benefit, whether it be motivation or advice or the actual blueprint of their success.

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Check out Sineca Bulter and her magic hands here.

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