From Sh*t Talking To Topic of Conversation: #Brii101 Takes Off

I've had the pleasure of witnessing many entrepreneurs come into their own. From failed start-ups and efforts to just finding their niche and becoming successful. In many cases, our niche is found within what it is we are most passionate about and what comes natural to us. As Facebook friends, I've watched the evolution of today's "Chyc Entrepreneur Feature": Brii Millz as she has found a way to market herself and her voice through her social media platform and created a solid and engaging brand within itself. As a online business lover, I was super curious about what Brii Millz has planned for this growing brand and I'm excited to watch it grow.

Q: How did you come up with #Brii101? Was it intentional or something that just came about?

#Brii101 started out about 6 years ago when I began to share my thoughts with the world. Facebook asks “what’s on your mind?” I would be so overwhelmed with situations and emotions that I would post them and hashtag them for myself. It was to help me vent more than anything at that particular time. So I’ve actually been doing it for years but it caught its buzz recently and the response has been amazing. People would literally inbox me their whole life story and ask for my opinion and advice, which was the birth of #AskBrii. #TalkToBrii is just daily conversation, a no judgement- air it out session.

Q: How much of #Brii101 is of your actual day-to-day personality versus the brand’s persona that you put out to your audience?

#Brii101 is probably 75% of my day to day personality. I am silly bold & blunt to put it nicely. I think I actually hold back a wee bit so that I don’t offend anyone because I love everybody. I am definitely outspoken when I’m comfortable and I think that part of my personality shines the most. Being willing to say things that most people wouldn’t is a strong suit of mine as well. So the brand gets parts of me that a stranger would not get right off the bat but, my personal friends know that side of me very well.

Q: How has social media impacted your success thus far?

Social media means everything as it relates to the success of #Brii101. The likes, shares and comments help fuel me to do more. They let me know I’m on the right track. I get daily inboxes about things that I share and how they have impacted someone or encouraged them to do better or pursue a goal, that’s the sort of thing that keeps me going! Since #Brii101 started via social media, I think I owe a large portion of my success to it. I am deeply moved that people trust my judgment and value my opinion.

Q: What are your plans to capitalize (make money) off of the platform that you have created?

I was always told to ‘find something that pays you that you would still do, even if you had to do it for free’. This is it for me. My natural desire is to help others and I think I’ve finally found a way to do so. I have begun to capitalize with the sale of my own line of t-shirts that feature my quotes. I will soon be sharing my talents with the YouTube community and capitalizing from its monetization feature. I look forward to speaking engagements and panels in the future as well.

Q: When you came up with your brand’s character, what was your purpose behind it?

My brand’s character Lil’ Brii, was just a play on my character. Many of the affirmations in #Brii101 are for character building. So I shared my vision with Davian Chester (he’s amazing) and he brought her to life for me. She will be featured on my YouTube channel and other branding material as well. The purpose was simply to “put a face with a name”. A lot of people go for traditional headshots in branding, I wanted to do something a little different in using the cartoon.

Q: What do you want to see happen with #Brii101?

I want to see #Brii101 grow. It has gained so much momentum locally, I would like to see it spread internationally. I would love to see my brand being sought after in the likes of Rob Hill Sr & Trent Shelton as empowerment tools and confirmation for both men and women to do better in our lives. There’s so much negativity on social media, I just want to bring some positive light that we can all grow from.

Q: How can people support your movement?

At this time the biggest form of support would be word of mouth, liking and sharing posts so that the numbers can be recorded. If there is anyone who would like to donate financially, sponsor the production of videos, merchandise promo & advertising I can be contacted at

Check Brii Millz out on Facebook here.

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