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What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

Is your business solution based?

If so, that's your lead in! Hook your audience by letting them know that you have have a fix for their problem! Most of the influential and successful businesses are selling a product that is already on the market but they have figured out a way to not only provide the product but offer a solution to a problem that is usually associated with that product.

Tide to Go

But it was 2005’s other invention that set pulses racing. The Tide to Go Stain Releaser Pen allowed consumers to touch up stains anywhere and in any situation on-the-go.

Tide PODS®

Tide PODS® was launched in 2012. Now consumers don’t need to worry about dosing: one little pac is all that’s needed. A single pac can clean, fight stains and brighten with no pouring or spills.

For example, Tide sells laundry detergent but realized that with liquid and powder detergent the amount intended for use depended on how much detergent a person poured in the washer. So they created the Tide pod after years of selling traditional laundry detergent so that their customers don't have to worrying about how much is enough. Brilliant right! Now every laundry detergent brand is following suit. Tide is the perfect example of how you can sell any product and also solve a problem for your consumer and ultimately set your business and brand apart from the competition.

Are your providing a solution? Tell me in the comments.

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