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The internet is filled with motivators and inspirational speakers that choose their field for various personal reasons, and then there are those who are called to serve others. Meet Caneka Hardon, she is one of the chosen few and it is evident in her journey and her presence that radiates even through a computer screen. Her journey up until now is one that not only is inspiring in itself, but an example of hard work, sacrifice, transparency, and a passion to help other women become great. This wife, mother, professional, entrepreneur, leader, and advocate for women is they type of woman every female entrepreneur should want in their circle.

As a woman who professionally uplifts and encourages other people, how do you stay uplifted yourself?

So I’m not sure if I would say that I “professionally” uplift and encourage women because it’s a God-given gift. The inspiration and empowerment is very organic, but I do provide women with tools and resources to help them tap into their purpose, prioritize their goals, and organize their activities. One of the first things I impress upon women is the importance of self-care. Self-care is divine care and vitally important. My personal self-care is a daily regimen in which I Pray |Meditate |Journal. This has become part of my brand message, but it’s truly my lifestyle. Every day, I pray, uplifting ALL my cares to God; I meditate, allowing Him to download instructions to me in the Spirit; and I journal, either by writing in my #SuccessTransformationJournal or organizing my thoughts in my #DailySuccessPlanner. This keeps me uplifted.

When it comes to marketing, what has been the best vehicle to get your message across and really draw in your audience? Social media, video, speaking engagements….

I use Social Media as a tool. It has been effective for relationship marketing and building my audience. I love the connections that you can make through social media, but I also enjoy meeting people one on one. Although I meet women through speaking engagements, the edification and moving them from being prospect (or simply interested) into clients, customers, etc. happens through time and for me, normally through social media.

A lot of times female entrepreneurs struggle with a work – home life balance. You work along side your husband in your business, so how do you balance your personal relationship with him and your professional relationship with him?

Oh this is such an interesting question….my husband and I worked side by side in our former network marketing company for almost 6 years. That time was very exciting for us and we met a lot of people, developing a huge network. In 2015, he transitioned to another company and we didn’t work together for a year. It initially was one of the hardest times in our relationship because we realized that we had our business at the center of our relationship, rather than God. We really had to work on our marriage and rebuild with a Christ centered relationship. After a two-year break of working together, we were lead to developing an online, digital program. Our philosophies are the same, but we teach very differently, which creates MAGIC for our coaching clients and participants. In addition to having a Christ centered relationship, we each have our own lanes. We have designated roles and responsibilities in our home and of course, we help each other if needed, but we know our roles. Lastly, we take a vacation yearly (without the kids) and designated Friday nights as date night. Even if we don’t leave the house, we have time together to get reacquainted and decompress from the week.

I also use my #DailySuccessPlanner to keep everything organized and most importantly, prioritized. I always used list but never had any organization to the list and my day to day activities. My planner helps with this and there’s a self-accountability system that also builds your self-esteem and confidence. This makes work-home life balance manageable and most of all, fun!

Your brand has a community (The C3 Circle). What have been the benefits of not just having a consumer base but a community for your consumers?

Great question. We just recently launched the C3 Circle and Program (only two weeks ago) and we are continuing to build the network and community. We have had similar programs in the past that have been wildly successful and the community is so important. We believe that having a group of like- minded people who are striving for the same thing makes the process exciting and more engaging. The C3 Program is also an online program and having the community helps build camaraderie, connect on a deeper level, support one another, and cheer each other on in gaining greater clarity, confidence, and courage.

Being that you are a coach, how much of your story do you share with the public and is that something you find difficult to do?

I share everything. I am so transparent because I want women to see my imperfections. I know that I make it look easy, but that’s Grace and Favor…not me. I have difficult moments, like I’ve shared with you above in my marriage, but that doesn’t make my life difficult….it was a defined period of time, which became a life lesson. I share the good, bad, and the ugly and I know that women can relate to it all. I don’t find it difficult at this point in my life because social media or other people’s opinion of me does not validate me. I realize that there are people who are divinely connected to me. I’m here to help and serve them in order that they can walk confidently into their God-given purpose.

What are your future goals for C3 squared and how can people support your movement?

Our goal for the #C3 Program are to help thousands of people go from being confused, complacent, or clueless to Clarity, Confidence and Courage. There are so many people who have no idea of why they are here or how to tap into their God-given purpose or simply unfulfilled in life and we want to give them a road map to help navigate through this process. When you know your purpose, your vision is clear and you have the confidence and courage to pursue it, you get up with a new zeal and zest for life….excited about what’s next.

To support this movement and join the journey, click this link: www.clarityconfidencecouragecoaching.com.

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