Impacting Lives One Meal At A Time

Saba Mallory wants to do more than just sell you a product, she wants to help you improve your lifestyle. This entrepreneur has a passion for creating healthy vegan dishes that are tailored to her clients palette. Get into her journey as she hones her online meal delivery service.

What sparked your interest in Veganism?

Shortly after I turned 27 my body began to dislike dairy. I noticed I was sluggish after lunch and I knew that food was supposed to energize me- not deplete me. I began to start slowly transitioning getting dairy out of my diet. I had already been vegetarian for over a year.

Being that veganism is more than a diet and more of a lifestyle, how do you get convey that over to your audience?

I simply figure out a way to mimic what I used to love and make it Vegan! I also have dug deeper into a much purer lifestyle to live as chemical free as possible. I think it naturally just comes with the transition. While Veganism is a lifestyle, Chefy101 focuses on simply educating our clients on the plant based alternatives to their favorite meals. One way that we convey the lifestyle message is by customizing the meal plan to meet the clients goals. Our survey gets their weight loss or muscle gain goals and provides them with the meal plan that will support that specific goal.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your line of business?

Getting people to understand exactly what I do has been a challenge. My focus is not to be a cookie cutter meal delivery service but to teach the basics of Vegan recipes that already match the client's taste. If you make Vegan food your own you can easily establish it in your diet and reap the benefits even if you choose to eat plant based a few times per week. We offer the support and customization to make this process as smooth as possible.

How social media impacted your online business thus far?

Social media gives me the feedback to see what people want! I also love to use it to see what recipes resonate and are more in demand.

What are your goals for Chef101 and how can people support your movement?

I want Chefy101 to grow enough to help plant other minority owned businesses by providing business grants similar to scholarship funds. I also have dreams of a Chefy101 conference annually to give education and support to new entrepreneurs. People can support my movement by sharing my website as well as liking and visiting our Facebook page Chefy101!

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