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[CONGRATS!] I Witnessed My Friend/Client Make Her Dreams Come True.

It's one thing to say what you are going to do, but it's another to see it through and make it happen. Are ya'll ready for a quick story time?

I met Sharena Smith in middle or high school. We kept up with each other on social media and like most likeminded women we digitally supported each other over the years. In 2019, our paths crossed again when I put out advertisements for a marketing assistant. Sharena was so cool and helpful at a time that I need help. The most amazing thing happened though when she came on board, she seen past business and she spoke to me as woman to woman on so many occasions. I can't say she was the only one speaking life into me, but at that time I can only count on 1 hand with maybe 4 fingers that the message that I needed to hear actually struck a cord. I was sure that our paths didn't cross by accident. From then on Sharena was someone that intentionally tried not to call on much. She, like me, is one of those people that will take on your problems with you and genuinely feel your pain AND THEN want to actually fight the battle with you as if it was your own. That makes her a rarity and you do over-exhaust rarities and it is exactly how I wanted that to remain especially when it came to me.

Sharena started her mobile waxing business in 2018, I believe. When I say she built this thing...she built it brick by brick. It was almost...unbelievable. Many doubted her, I think at one point she doubted herself, but she kept going.

One day while we were working, I glanced over at my new friend/employee and she was making a services list for her business. My first reaction was confusion and tension. On one hand, I was the boss thinking about every dime I put into payroll and on the other hand, I seen me sitting in front of me. I knew what kind of worker she is. I knew she is a good person, which is why I trusted her with my business. I also knew that if she couldn't help herself, she too was like me...she need a push.

Over the next two days, I was overwhelmed by the idea of firing my friend. I had never fired anyone. Who am I to fire someone? I called my then HR manager and went through the million scenarios in my head, "She's gonna hate me!"..."What if she really needs the money?" . I was really a wreak. The day came where it was my time to sit down and talk with her and I did it. I told her to go follow her dreams and to make her business happen. She was perfect. I wouldn't have wanted to fire anyone else!

We remained friends and NOW she's my boss! I work her as The Marketing Manager at Snatched Beauty LLC. I shared this story for a reasons that I hope you take away as inspiration and tips you can learn along your journey:

  1. Never be afraid to hire your friends.

  2. Do it scared.

  3. Do it broke.

  4. Help others.

  5. Let others help you.

  6. Learn how to have the uncomfortable conversations.

  7. Treat people well. You never know how the tables may turn.

Snatched Beauty specializes in waxing, facials, yoni steams, and body treatments. They also carry skincare products available

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