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Emotional Fortitude, Creativity, & Consistency...

First off, let me thank C.K. for the most uplifting message via Twitter the other day. He told me that he was hoping for more "Morning Tea" posts. His message took me down a rabbit hole of why I hadn't been as consistent as I intended to be with this exciting new endeavor and to reflect on the why, for a few reasons.

A little background:

I started a new marketing position, launched a new client, and went through a heart wrenching breakup. I'm never one to shy away from the personal aspects of my life, because they too have such an impact on my professional life, just like I'm sure it does for you on your journey. So who would I be (in this capacity) to give you the good and completely act like bumps in the road don't happen and have a direct impact on your business. Well they do...and this one was just like any other set back that seeming throws you off course.

Built "Ford Tough"

In this season, I'm learning that my emotional fortitude is basically a corner stone of my professional and personal journey. Raisa Muthoni said it best in one of her blog post on emotional fortitude.

"Emotional fortitude is the capacity of a person to face disappointments, adversity, and difficulty courageously. The strongest and most abundant individuals in my view, are people who acknowledge their limitations and vulnerabilities but also face life every single day without hesitation."

This breakup has been emotionally draining for more than one reasons, but the biggest is the feeling that I have to rewrite my dreams to exclude what I thought would be. Ugh, just the thought of it makes my stomach do flips, but in leaning on experience and my emotional fortitude there is a twinge of excitement about what it to come. I just need my heart to catch up with my mind.

Use Your Muscle Memory

This is where consistency comes in. This is where you almost have to put your mind and body into auto pilot so you can emotionally come to terms with reality. Business is 24/7, humans are not. I'm learning that we have to learn how to ride every way with intention and consciousness of our own boundaries and limitations. To celebrate my relationship, I wrote a list of all of the beautiful lessons I've learned about love from it and then I wrote down the not so good feeling lessons. I looked at the paper and I seen growth, new experiences, and new deposits made to my creativity. I reminded myself that "this too, shall pass".

Create With Tear In Your Eyes

My biggest fear is always enduring pain that mutes my creativity, but learning that pain is a part of life; an inevitable part and creativity can be a remedy of sorts if you can let your mind and eyes see from a different perspective. 5 years ago, this would of broke me. This year there is sadness, but there are other positive emotions associated with this pain, because I know the best is yet to come.

Please remember...the best is yet to come..

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