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Goal Met! I Successfully Pivoted (Not Another Re-Brand)

Rebranding is one of those almost swear words among entrepreneurs. At some point, every entrepreneur begins to wonder...and wonder...and wonder if they should change, adjust, or upgrade parts of their brand all of the time. Some choose to wait and some choose to face the unknown while seemingly starting over with a clean slate. really does work that way. As a marketer, I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs in all phases of business. I also experience the shared pain of entrepreneurs who have wasted time, money, resources on an impromptu re-brand.

The Top 10 Reason's For Impromptu Re-brands (not real reasons tho!)

  1. Because you rushed your initial design process of your logo, website, etc.

  2. Because you didn't really love the look of your brand when you started.

  3. Because you weren't clear on the larger vision of your brand.

  4. Because you did all of the designs yourself instead hiring a professional.

  5. Because you aren't getting any website traffic.

  6. Because you aren't getting any sales.

  7. Because you see other people doing trendy stuff.

  8. Because you weren't really sure who your target market is.

  9. Because you wanted your brand to look like so

meone else's

  1. Because you are bored with your business and it's current state.

Any of these reason could be your experience or may not, but I have let all of those reasons determine why I have re-branded in the past. This current state of the "rebrand" cover up, made me think even harder about my brand and what I wanted it to be, not just now, but 20 years away. I thought about what I would want my business and like to look like if everything goes right! Thinking off that alone laid the foundation for the most "pivotal" moment in my entrepreneurial journey thus far.

I decided that I had to not just change the look of my brand. I had to get clear with my messaging, invasion a timeless look and feel, and streamline my processes.

7 Truths You Need To Know About Pivoting

  1. Pivoting takes time. I would suggest 6 month to a year to successfully rebuild a fairly new brand (1-3 yrs).

  2. You should love looking at your brand. Looks aren't everything, but they matter.

  3. Before you get to work designing the look, close your eyes and dream about what your brand will look like in the future. Start the business that you dream of, not the one you think you can afford.

  4. If you need help, get it!

  5. Don't create new work to avoid the work you have left attended. If people aren't visiting your website the problem normally has less to do with your website and more to do with the marketing that you are using to get people there.

  6. Getting consistent sales requires a sales strategy.

  7. Give more thought about what your people want and what they would like.

If you are thinking about rebranding...think and if you really feel like it's the right thing to do...DO IT, but do it right!

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