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Marketing Lesson: You Won't Believe What Happened To My Client...

I've been head down working on my upcoming book and running marketing campaigns for my amazing client Pretty Mink'd Out.

We had a little situation and I wanted to share this lesson in marketing.

We had been working hard on her marketing plan for her Pretty Girl Summer Sale. Right before we’re about to launch the sale, she gets put in Facebook jail. Mind you, her largest customer base is on her Facebook. This affected our ability to run ads from her account and access to her friends list and business Facebook page.

Of course she was sick and I had to go into expert marketing mode!

Here is the solution we came up with:

I told her to call her whole contact list to have them post the promo for her. I’m like, who would you call for bail? Tell them to put money on your books: and get some quality mink lashes in return. This is where the mind melt comes in. My client Jiara, the CEO of Pretty Mink'd Out (that's her hand in the picture up there. She had the idea to simulate an audio bite of her making a call from jail. It was brilliant!! That is what I do this for. At that moment, we were two little girls playing make believe. Check out it out...

Stay tuned for the results of the campaigns. I may do a small case study call and Q&A. Let me know if this is something you would interested in. for high quality 100% mink lashes and more! Use code PRETTY to save 25% off of your entire order.

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