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"Pain Points" Are The Mainline To Making The Connection Between What You Have and What They Want.

Creatives have all the fun, but we feel all the feels. This is what makes me a creative so amazing. Our lives are a nonstop rollercoaster of excitement high highs and low lows, but I'm learning more and more with each day that the key to surviving the ride and thriving instead is to find and focus on the joys of the ride.

The same stands for marketing your business and creating value for your people. I'm still in a state of transition since my breakup, but I'm realizing that the pain points in my personal life are a part of the roller coaster and they can be marketed to present value to MY people.

We have to stop avoiding our pain points and realize the are a HUGE source of opportunity. As I scroll on social media, for my daily pop culture temperature check, I frequently notice that consistency and content creation is always an issue for small business owners trying to get their content seen, their message heard, and their products sold in a sea of content overload. I then looked in the mirror and pondered on the fact that at every level in business there are pain points that can't be avoided; they can be remedied. As a marketer, this is almost my sole charge. Identify pain points and teach people through storytelling and other creative ways how to soften the blow or get rid of it completely.

So I challenge you to take some time today or sometime soon to identify some pain points that are affecting your ability to reach a business or personal goal. Then go further and identify some pain points of your target market and think of some ways that you could relieve some pain for them. In this game of commerce, "connection" is the vehicle that is going to get you to the win.

I woke up can I connect more? How can I relieve some pain for myself and my people? How can add value to our day?

I hope this added value to your day. #MUAH -B

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