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What I Learned From My First Viral Tweet?

The tweet heard around the world lol...not for real, but that is how it felt for me. Experiencing my first viral tweet was really cool and it has given me a few new perspectives when it comes to marketing and content creation.

First off...I was talking to myself.

People ask me all the time, "Where do your thoughts come from?" or they will tell me how differently I think. I'm always flattered, then I always wonder are other people not in the practice of habitual positive self talk and encouragement?

When I wrote the tweet, I was having a somewhat stressful moment. I remember rushing to get home to sit in my room and just breathe. It was that type of day. All I kept hearing in my head was, "It's time to book a vacation" and then I said "No!". I truly want a life that I don't feel the need to take a vacation from. When I travel, I intentionally upgrade my standards to enjoy something out of the norm. I've been doing so much self work and growing that it dawned on me: what if you lived like you vacation all of the time. With that thought, the tweet came to life and was carried by thousands of Twitter fingers who can relate to my plight. Well, I guess our plight.

The Opposition

I never really think much into the opposition of my opinions and thoughts, especially if they are not generalizations and things of that nature, but having a viral tweet will bring opposing thoughts right to your doorstep. Most were positive, some were negative, and some we're just blatantly rude lol, but it confirmed what I already knew: People can only understand from their level of perception. Some took the tweet and made it all about money. Some made it about designer labels. There was a little bit of everything, but what caught my attention more that anything was the amount of people who understood what I was trying to say. I gave me confidence to speak my mind in the future.

Practicing What I Preach

Like I said, I was talking to myself and I was serious. I'm embarking on a new project to further create a self loving atmosphere in my life. I’ve taken on the task of transforming my apartment home into a “luxury” apartment home because why not? I pray this content inspires you to love on yourself more however that looks to you!

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