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The Time Is Now.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

What is your current storm trying to teach you or prepare you for? That is the posture that I try to hold on to when life is hitting me all at once and I'm trying to keep my eyes fixed on my purpose.

There's a shift in the collective that's happening that has never been documented from so many black perspectives at once. We have been called so much higher than those before us. The enemy is ever-evolving because we are always breaking through. There was slavery and we are still enslaved, but breaking free while feeling this invisible heavy tension. Our next level is not outside of us. It's in us. We will thrive like never before when we master self and business.

I can't even be scared anymore, because I KNOW what I have to share is going to bring black entrepreneurs together and cause a radical shift in the marketplace. Even if I have to be the example. Even if I'm scared. Even if it's out of the budget. Even if I don't know how I'm going to do it…

We're all struggling with something and we're all holding it to some degree and it's affecting everything: home, business, relationships, our mental health. Beyond the surface, everyone is just doing the best they can. What if we didn't have to experience trauma and pain to adjust ourselves and be open to change as long as we have the power to make a decision? I'm watching so many brilliant minds and ideas fail because of poor communication skills, undeveloped conflict-resolution skills, ego, and so much more. I'm sick of it; within myself and within my community. But I'm also sick of holding in what I know needs to be said and the work that was put on my heart to do. I will not stop trying to make million-dollar deals with black business owners. I will not stop dreaming my dream. I will not believe that we aren't capable of operating as our highest selves as our WHOLE selves. I will not believe that we do not have the power to unite and transform our reality. The world is falling apart and if what I know is true; we will rise up and live as we weren't to. The time is now...

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